Running On ‘E’

I missed my flight somewhat on purpose but mostly because I am a gypsy with some adrenaline issues. A mishap with GPS, kind rental car agents and a “high volume” wait time on the phone with the airline dictated a change in plans. Avis hooked me up at 9:30pm and I headed home. Alternating energy drinks, water and sunflower seeds was a successful system for driving alert. Praise God for safe travel and gas station goodies. I had just enough time to change for work and get clocked in. No sleep for 39 hours. My new personal record. While I was awake following the drive, I felt like I could go for days without sleep. After getting some much needed rest the decay began. Fortunately, I was able to catch up on much needed sleep but the fatigue is lingering days later.

The disturbing element of this story is not the risk taken but my mindset. I am running on empty calories, temporary stimulation and minimum requirements for my health spiritually, too. While Denver was not my normal methodology for travel, it shows my willingness to operate on last-stitch efforts. I have been neglecting time in the Word of God and consequently my desire for it has, in turn, neglected me. I get frustrated with God when he does not immediately answer my prayers how I see fit and I find boldness to share the Gospel when it fits into my schedule.

I find solace knowing God forgives and has already paid the price for all sins so I have no need to beat myself up over complacency. BUT regret comes not from errors but failing to learn from them. Growing in my faith after leaving a 10-month spiritual retreat should not skip a beat though it takes on a different form now. The reason I went to Denver was to witness my friend’s Baptism. When we were kids I gave her the fire and brimstone message of death and destruction if she did not repent from her wicked ways. For some reason she continued to be my friend and still got saved (despite me). May God hit the mute-button on all our misguided well-intended witnessing. She and her husband shared their testimonies of grace in the presence of many who needed to hear about it. Not only because they need to be “saved” but because the means to being saved is grace through faith. Not achievement. I had it all wrong for 20-some-odd years but by grace I know that my sins are forgiven and grace may abound to all who believe and call on the name of Jesus. Beyond that, we simply take grace and add to it our time in the Word, prayer and fellowship knowing that failing to do so is simply going to open the door to fatigue. The problems of the world will grow to insurmountable mountains while God waits patiently for us to ask for help with the tiny pebble in front of us. God does not expect us to become Bible scholars overnight. Nor does he expect us all to go to Africa to preach to people who have never heard the gospel.

More likely, the next stop on your drive will be occupied by many familiar faces who have no hope. Be rested up in the Lord, well fed on His Words and satisfied by the Living Water so you can think clearly enough to do something in that moment. What good is a car without fuel? What good is our body without sleep? What good is the message of grace through faith if we do not know the Words of our Father? Fortunately, God’s power supersedes our input but at some point we have to remove the gas cap.

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.. – Ephesians 2:8

For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.. – Romans 10:10

Listen to Shane and Cassi Roberts’ amazing testimonies: 

Cassi & I - Denver, CO

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