The Renaissance Continues

I am a little freaked out that I came to Cameroon thinking I was getting married after returning but it went out the window. No tragedy, life just changes. God saves us from ourselves when we ask him to. Now I come home in less than five weeks to start over at age 27. That thought makes me want to throw up but what else can I do beside take one day at a time? I am a woman of extremes. I like to conquer the impossible. That makes a clean slate wildly unpredictable. I have to admit, it is a little exciting!

So one day at a time. Let me start with recalling my request to God for a musical renaissance in my life; to regain touch with a large part of my life that was collecting dust in the filing cabinets of my mind. First he did so with the chance to teach music at Faith Bible College. Then numerous singing gigs with church groups. A mandolin found itself in my unskilled grip which is now accustomed to basic chords. The grand finale being Helping Hands Children’s Christmas Concert on December 20. My time remaining here is dwindling quickly making practice time harder to come by with the kids’ busy school schedules but it is going to be a smashing success! The concert is to bless those in the community who help HHCH throughout the year in various ways: donating food, time or funds.

Saturday I worked on “We Three Kings” with three 10-13 year old boys. They are doing great so far! There was confusion on the exact words of the song so they temporarily sang nonsense. We pulled ourselves together after giggling at Kingsley’s “Myrrh is mine, its better perfume. Breathes of life of gadring gloom. Snowing, seizing, bleeding, dying; stale in the stone-cold tomb”. If you are unfamiliar with the carol, it is way off. Then at one point someone bumped the keyboard sending it into a disco boogie frenzy. Perfect segway for an impromptu dance party. They don’t try to be funny but they crack me up! I tried to rein them in but was met with an “Auntie we need a break from singing! Let us dance!” How do you argue with that?! You don’t. You video it.

Today I went to teach our older boys “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”. Getting teenagers to do anything with enthusiasm is like pulling teeth but after they got the song down I suggested adding simple choreography. They stared blankly at me while I offered my suggestions. To my surprise, it was not the idea of dancing and singing that disturbed them. It was my dancing and singing that disturbed them. They told me they would have it choreographed in a week! All the kids will be doing at least three songs as a whole or in small groups. Aside from the concert we will visit other orphanages and neighborhoods to bless people with the Christmas songs!

To all of you smirking because you know God’s humor in this, yes I am making a conscious effort to encourage the singing of Christmas songs. Yes, of course, God would put my musical renaissance to work in Christmas songs. And yes, I love it! Pretty amazing to think our kids are thrilled to learn these songs so they can bless other orphans. [Sidenote: If you ask them they are NOT orphans. They have parents! They just happen to have eight of them from all over the world. Seriously, they get fired up if you call them that. I got an earful on the subject recently because a church announced them as orphans and they were not happy.]

This may seem concise but in a season of Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for I don’t know where to begin. The testimonies of the past year are countless. I cannot even wrap my mind around it all. God is so good. Right now I must focus on soaking up my last few weeks here. Prayers are appreciated for focus and time management! Wishing all of you a blessed and super yummy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

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