I stand in the authority of the sacrifice and resurrection of Christ, against division of the Church and against hindrance to the good work being carried out in my life. Not because it is my own, but because it is the will of God to work through his children and I trust he is using me for the good of the Kingdom. Even when I do not understand the path I will remain. God saved me from the eternal punishment in Hell and I will forever be grateful for the Life.

While we are created in the likeness of God, we were not all created alike! Each of us is granted a brain that operates in unique ways. Where two or three are gathered together in His name He is in their midst (Matt 18:20). Unfortunately, where they are gathered there is potential for conflict because of human nature. Praise the Lord we are granted access to the fruits of the Spirit to gracefully overcome conflict in the Church. One on my heart lately being meekness. Galatians 5:22 “…for such there is no law”. If you walk in the power of the Spirit through faith in Christ, there is no condemnation. It does not mean you walk flawlessly. When Christ called us to be his witnesses he gave us a weighty charge. However, he gave us footwork to carry out, not guarantee work. That is the Spirit’s job. We are called to share our faith (Acts 1:8) with those close to us, those we do not like and those totally out of our comfort zones. The Spirit uses us to bring the salvation message and live in a way pleasing to Him so benefit of that salvation can be evident by all. Matthew 11:29-30 essentially says we have a meek (not weak) leader who satisfies our souls and does not devastate us with losing battles in His name! If your burden is heavy, it is not of the Lord.

Walk in the fruits, especially in a loving way towards others (Eph 4:1-3). Unloving Christian – a total oxymoron and ploy of the devil because they will do little to further the kingdom of Heaven. Likely, they will tear apart and destroy fellowship among believers despite being saved themselves! Tragic! Can you imagine anything that pains our Father’s heart more than his children walking away from one another because of differences? Church discipline and folks living in willful sin is a different ballgame entirely. That is not what I am talking about.

God revealed to me through a perfectly timed lesson on Meekness for older kids at the Children’s Home that conflict will arise between believers, non-believer’s and any combination of the two. There is a standard set for how to handle it – with meekness and love. Second Timothy 2:22-26 explains we are to keep our noses clean, not pick stupid fights with one another, and gently lead others to truth. The more I push my beliefs on someone, even out of love, does not mean increased likelihood of them coming around. We all struggle at doing the work we perceive with our flesh (eyes, touch, ears, etc) then fail to continue with prayer or preceding with Biblical understanding at some point. There is more to evangelism than standing on a street corner shouting the Gospel. In fact, if you are not called to do or say something but in your own rational mind you justify it, you are working contrary to God’s plan and will most likely cause conflict. Christ unites, Satan divides (John 10:10).

If you are having a difficult time getting through to someone on your mission field, where ever that may be, proceed in prayer being fully equipped with the word (Eph 6:10-18) meekness and love (Col 3:12-16). The good work will be carried to completion by the Spirit! Know that you know you are believing and acting in the Word so as not to cause division but to edify and build up the Church! Your mission field is where you stand right now.

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