Have you ever worked tirelessly and thought “what is the point of this?” In US culture we work hard to succeed. If not, we work harder. Imagine hitting pause on that lifestyle and resuming in a culture where survival is the purpose of work. You do not forget why you are working when someone depends on you to eat. After butchering the hog we stopped by the children’s home. A couple boys were tending the hog head over an open fire. They were so excited! Suddenly the shock of watching the butchering process was replaced with understanding of the food chain. Not exactly a staple food item in US households but that is the point. Win Our Nations, the missions organization behind Helping Hands Childrens Home (HHCH), and respective ministries such as the four car washes, meat market and Faith Bible College are in the business of bringing Christ to the Cameroonian culture. All the businesses create reliable employment, fair employers, life skills and income to support HHCH without hindering the beautiful culture here.

To explain the ministry in Bamenda, there are 30 children in the orphanage. Nearly all have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS which is rampant due to culturally-bound stigma of awareness, testing or treatment. I began administrative fine-tuning in the office for children’s files since Jake and Holly have countless priorities over shuffling papers. In starting this project, I became familiar with some rescue stories of the children: removed from neglect, malnourishment, abuse and near-death. Mind-blowing testimonies to the blessing of this ministry. Children are rescued with physical and spiritual salvation.

Spend five minutes around any of the branches of HHCH and find everyone’s purpose is to spread the saving knowledge of Christ. Beyond that, creating opportunities for children who had none prior to coming to HHCH is paramount. It is important all involved from washing cars to preparing the Bible college curriculum, experience and share the love of God with others and do well because 30 children depend on them to survive. With incredible help from supporters also, this is possible. I am SO looking forward to working as hard as I possibly can until leaving to further this ministry. We hope to build a larger children’s home someday with its own school so education can be enhanced for the children.

Among office organization, I am so excited to help with after-school tutoring at HHCH. I might need to polish up my French…which is none. Yo hablo espanol! Sort of.

(Picture of Cameroonian terrain – Below)

Image   Image



(Women’s Week Presentation – Church March 16, 2014)


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