Ignorance Was Bliss

There were several reasons I did not ask Jake or Holly how I would be helping. One, I did not have time. Two, in faith I knew God would answer prayers for using me. Lastly, I would not get on the plane if I knew what I was getting into. Somebody told me I live under a rock. In some ways I do. What good does it do for us to worry about the future (Luke 12:25)? My ignorance was bliss until today!

Jake, Holly & I started today with a nice run/walk. Strange to run on roads where pedestrians fend for themselves like an extreme game of dodge ball. Calm down mom(s), I am safe…and quick. That was a great warm-up for our next activity; butchering a pig in the yard! I have never seen anything butchered. I will see this process frequently and eventually get involved. I tried cleaning meat off the bones for sausage at the Helping Hands Meat Market (HHMM). Though I was uneasy it was great to be hands-on with some of the crew! During parts of the process I would not stay upright through, I joined women’s Bible study Holly led in the house. How appropriate they were discussing the roles of the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:12-26). It was a spiritual and anatomical lesson of the body!



Everybody involved in Win Our Nations (WON) ministries work doggedly to keep the body functioning here. Seeing the insides of a pig on the outside reminds me of undesirable, roles required in the church body everywhere. Everyone experiences discontent or dissatisfaction with their roles but take it to the Lord in prayer! I did and here I am butchering pigs. However, for a long time he told me to abide where I was.

Last night we hosted a couples’ Bible study. The word ‘submission’ was the hot topic. Takeaway was to think of it in these terms: when I ride a well-trained horse, it trusts me. I do little to guide it. I love trail riding and miss my horse Jack! When I ride a hard-headed, barn sour horse, the horse returns completely exhausted because I will go to greater lengths to assert my dominance. Submission requires cooperation not only force. Watching Cameroonian couples discuss this was a blast! They are highly animated and highly vocal. I was the mute in the room if that tells you anything.

Check out the vehicle I got to drive us home from the car wash in! It is just my size!  


2 thoughts on “Ignorance Was Bliss

  1. Kelly Mall

    Sure, you love that but made sooo much fun of the Tracker! They are boxy fraternal twins… 😉 I am so glad you started this blog so I can keep up with you. And also to have some vicarious adventures as I work my boring 9-5 stateside.


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