Across the Puddle

Is this real life? After the past month, I am overwhelmed with love and joy of all the amazing people God has blessed me with. I cannot thank each of you enough for your prayer, hospitality, time and gifts. I rest assured knowing God will return the blessing to you ten-fold. That’s how He works!

The trip here was nothing less than divinely ordained because I battled flu while traveling yet slept through the 14 hours of flights. No delays. I stepped off the plane in Douala, Cameroon without required vaccination records. The gal at the desk took my passport. (Eek!) Moments like these, you can panic or pray, I did the latter. God numbered my steps safely to Jake and Holly before I left so I did not panic. A simple $15 fee paid in US Dollars got me through to see my smiling family! We collected luggage and all four bags made it through! The gifts sent from home in those suitcases are bringing huge blessing already to people here!

As of yet, I did not press Jake and Holly or God for specifics on my purpose here in Bamenda. But as faithful as our God is, the conversation we had over dinner following the airport was no surprise. All their ideas are up my alley. Organizational fine-tuning for the businesses affiliated with Helping Hands Children’s Home (HHCH) and hands-on help with the HHCH children with school work, girls’ groups, etc. Lets get started!

James 3:1-12 was my dose of gut check from God last night! The tongue is powerful for good or evil. Our words represent our heart. What does your heart sound like?

Be in touch via Facebook, Skype or email! (and FYI, this blog is under construction, bear with me!)

9 thoughts on “Across the Puddle

  1. Jessica

    God is so good, glad you made it there and praying for a journey that allows your soul to grow and learn from. After all isn’t that why we are here? Blessings and can’t wait to here more!

  2. Lisa

    Your journey will be a blessing to those in Cameroon, but I think there will be just as many blessings for us here at home. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Connie R. Miller

    I will be sending GOOD thoughts your way… you ornery little kid!! — your FAVORITE bus driver!

  4. Laurie Richardson Dunham

    I am so proud of you. Waiting on Lord for an answer and just going to Him in the first place. God is so awesome. What an adventure you are going to have. And God working through you is going to change your life. Please know I am praying for you.

  5. Carolyn Young

    Guess the part about discontent and dissatisfaction was for me. Thank you! Think we are all going to learn many lessons from your work. I know the Lord is blessing you and the people there will be blessed because of you. Love you!

  6. DoRae

    I picture Bethann saying “Maybe THIS will change your mind” as she slides a few bills across the desk.


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